Monday, November 8, 2010

Brown Sugar

It's about time to get into more of my dessert stuff here, so I thought I'd start it off with a basic. If you do a deal of baking (or even some stir-fries and soups), you will run into recipes requiring brown sugar. If you do a super great deal of baking you will find yourself frequently running out of brown sugar.

Basic fact: Brown sugar is a bit more expensive than white sugar.

A few years ago I was surprised to read that all brown sugar is made of is white granulated sugar and molasses. Then last winter I ran in to this recipe:

Brown Sugar

3 cups white sugar
1/8 tablespoon molasses

Mix together thoroughly. This will get you 3 cups of regular golden brown sugar. Need dark brown sugar? Add more molasses. Store in an airtight container.

Tah dah! How easy can you get? Here's a series of pics of my first brown sugar attempt.

Here's the molasses just added to the sugar:

Here's after about a minute of mixing with a wooden spoon:

Here's what I had after about 4 minutes: (There are still a few dark spots, but they were easily mixed in.)

Now we are ready for cookies, puddings, pies...etc.

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  1. Thanks!! This is awesome! I HATE buying brown sugar because it costs more & then if I have any left over it doesn't keep well at all, gets all hard & unusable.